Man in Baghdad, 2003, photo by Alexandre Carle, courtesy of the Humanitarian Information Center for Iraq  UNICEF/HQ03-0002/ SHEHZAD NOORANI
Iraq: Asma Lateef holds her six-month old baby, Rahma, who suffers from an acute respiratory infection, at Baghdad's Al-Mansour Paediatric Teaching Hospital. Some 25 per cent of children under five in southern and central Iraq suffer from chronic malnutrition.  UNICEF/HQ03-0033/ SHEHZAD NOORANI
Iraq: A young woman attends the UNICEF-supported Akad Primary School in the village of Al-Alyaa, 40 km north of Basra, that provides basic education, life-skills and other training to older girls who were previously unable to go to school. (c) OXFAM/John Cosgrove
Water continues to be one of the biggest problems and UNICEF is trucking water into Iraq. As soon as the tankers appear, large crowds gather to collect water. Demand for water will grow in the next two months as temperatures start to soar. United Nations Development Group

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Electricity Fact Sheet, 4 August

Task Manager:  Michel Gautier, UNDP (

Composition of the Assessment team:
Team Leader:
Darrly O'Reilly, UNDP 
John Casey, Chief Technical Advisor, UNDP

Nimal Vijaindu, UNDP 

Marcel Alberts, UNDP
Jasmo Vejzagic, UNDP
Bambang Pramana, UNDP
Prabhakar Kantharaj, UNDP
Tjaarda Storm van Leeuwen, World Bank 

Anthony Sparkes, World Bank  
Rene Mendonca, World Bank  
Anna Bjerde, World Bank  
Somin Mukherji, World Bank  
Antonio Cittati, World Bank  
Dr. Karim, Commission of Electricity
Peter Gibson, CPA 
Dennis McKinley, CPA
Hideki Matsunaga,  Japan  

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